Another weekend has come and gone and this week will go by just as quick.  It is a short one, but take note of what is happening this week.

Resurrection Eggs

Your child came home on Friday with a little project we completed during our Enrichment time.  These “eggs” are meant to tell the story leading to Christ’s death and resurrection.  Included are physical reminders as well as the Bible passages that relate to each part of this significance event.  Hopefully your child will take the time to share this with your families and celebrate this wonderful gift we have been given through Christ.


Wednesday – Math Quiz

Important Dates 

April 13 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (Elementary) (EVENING)
April 14 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (High School) (NO SCHOOL)
April 15 – Good Friday (NO SCHOOL)
April 18 – Easter Monday (NO SCHOOL)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Biech