I hope this extra long Easter weekend allowed everyone to enjoy some family time!

Operation Pollination

We continue to collect empty cans, bottles, and juice boxes to help fund our project. THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending in their “empties”. We ARE still collecting empty pop cans/pop bottles/juice boxes; please note that milk containers are not refundables.

Spelling This Week

As last week was a very short one, the Spelling Quiz for List 23 will be tomorrow (Tuesday, April 19th). The students know this and were strongly encouraged to continue studying their words over the long weekend. We will begin List 24 this week, and the quiz will be given next Monday, April 25th.

Upcoming Assessments 

Tuesday, April 19th: Spelling Quiz 23
Wednesday, April 20th: Math Test 11
Monday, April 25th: Spelling Quiz 24

See you all tomorrow,
Mrs. Smylie