Dear Grade 1 Families,

What a beautiful day to continue celebrating that He is risen! I hope you have had a great long weekend. This week we will be reviewing adding coins and interpreting clocks to the minute. These two concepts are often some of the hardest math concepts in Grade 1. Any additional practice they can get at home (for example: counting coins in their piggy banks, counting the change you receive at the store, and reading the time on analog clocks) are really helpful if your child is struggling with these concepts. Practice makes perfect! We will also be learning about the 11 subtraction family, subtracting 2 digit numbers (without regrouping), the province of Quebec, new special sounds, and much more.

Homework: This week students will begin coming home with a penmanship sentence writing page. The will receive these weekly and the focus is on neatness (including fitting the text into the space provided, using capital letters in the correct spots, and writing the letters correctly within the line guides. Please encourage them to not rush through this, but give it their best.

Spelling Test Students were given Spelling List #21 last week. We will have this test on Friday, April 22.

Letters:  Keep an eye for secret Easter Buddy letters in your mailbox any day now. Thank you for participating in this. It brings a lot of joy to the students and is an excellent learning experience for them.

I hope you were very proud of how much your children have learned and grown this year. I am very proud of each of them. Looking forward to another great week!

Miss Kennedy