Dear Families,

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend despite the weather. I am sure you are all very proud of the progress your child is making this year, as am I. Pleae note that tomorrow is Show and Tell day in our class. Last week we enjoyed learning more about Ontario as we virtually explored Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory in Ontario, viewed live cameras of Niagara Falls and CN Tower (view from the top), and went on a virtual roller-coaster from Canada’s Wonderland. This week we will continue learning about Manitoba and will review what we’ve learned about the other provinces we’ve studied so far. We will be working on subtracting 2-digit numbers (without regrouping) and adding 4 numbers together. We will also begin understanding and identifying the elements of a story; setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end. This can also be practiced at home with stories you read together. This helps young readers to focus on comprehension and story content, instead of just decoding words.

Homework: This week students will be sent home with a sight words sheet, one telling time page (please make sure students read and understand the instructions fully. Some students really need the extra practice to understand telling time), and will be working on their spelling list.

Tests: Students will have a Math test on Tuesday, a Phonics Test on Wednesday, and a Spelling Test on Friday.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Mrs. Bryenton