What another beautiful week. I pray you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Please take note of the following items related to our grade two class this week.

Math:   Students will learn about adding dollar amounts together and will continue to learn about subtraction with borrowing from the 10’s place and also the 100’s place. Students will learn the 18 addition family.

Language: We will continue our unit on using a comma in a list, the date, and an address.  Students will review list # 23 and we will have our test on Friday, April 22nd.

Social Studies: Students will begin the study of the Arctic Lowlands.

Assessments this week:

Thursday: Comma Quiz – Using a comma in a list, date, and address

Friday:  Spelling Test # 23

Dates to Remember:

May 6th – PD Day (No School)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton