Welcome back to a full week of online learning!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend…it certainly was nice to have all that sunshine, wasn’t it?

Just a head’s up that this week is Grade 3’s turn to submit short videos for GCS Thankful Thursday.  On “Thankful Thursdays” staff and students will have the opportunity to send in videos of things they are thankful for during this time of social distancing and online education. This week is our week to share what we are thankful for! If you would like to participate and be featured on GCS Social Media, please send in a short 15-30 sec video to Miss Arthurs at admin@gcspei.ca by Wednesday saying and showing what you are thankful for so we can share what the GCS Family is thankful for.

Now for this week’s work:


Math: p.213 + p.214 (numbers to do will be specified in the morning message), iknowit.com assignment
LA: New vocabulary words: article, granary, sulk, envy, astonished, torrent, cyclone, doxology~ copy the definitions from https://kids.wordsmyth.net/we/ on a sheet of paper in cursive writing. Reading fluency assessment (record yourself reading Chipmunks)
French: Seesaw Activity to respond to
Science: This week Mrs. MacNeill is challenging all elementary students to collect items from around your home to create your very own “chain reaction machines” or “marble runs”.  Do you have a sibling in another class? Why not make one project together! Check out Seesaw for more information.


Math: p.215+p.216 (numbers to do will be specified in the morning message), iknowit.com assignment
LA: Read chapter 11 and answer questions (Seesaw Activity); Creative Writing ~ SELF-CONTROL (students should get caught up on all previous steps if they haven’t completed those).
Social Studies: Research Project: Draw the animal you chose for your Antarctic Animal project.


Math: Test: iknowit.com assignment, then Prodigy assignment
LA: Summarize chapter 11 + one example of mood in the chapter; Creative Writing ~begin comic strip for Fruit of the Spirit (instructions will be given on Wednesday).
Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Prayer.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  


Math: p.217 + p.218 (numbers to do will be specified in the morning message), Seesaw Activity
LA: Finish up Creative Writing assignment + post
Music: Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting


Math: p.219 + p.220 (numbers to do will be specified in the morning message)
LA: Vocabulary Test
Art: Look for an Art Activity with Mrs. Arthurs
Gym: Fill out and submit your weekly activity log.

Have an amazing week, everyone!

Mrs. Smylie