Good Evening.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.  Please take note of the following items related to our grade two class this week.

Language Arts:  We will take one more day  to review how to use a comma in a list, in the date, and in an address.   We will wrap up the unit on Tuesday with a short quiz.  In reading we will continue to review the handbook for reading and focus on comprehension as we read through short stories.

Math: We will learn the 18 subtraction family, continue to learn how to borrow from the tens and hundreds places, and begin to learn the meaning of division.

Social Studies: We will finish the Arctic Region and begin the Innuitian Mountain Region.

Assessments This Week:

Tuesday:  Comma Quiz (Comma in a list, the date, and address)

Wednesday:  Math Test

Friday: Spelling Test # 4

Dates to Remember

Friday, May 6th: PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton