We are so thankful for your partnership and feedback as we all begin this online learning journey. In response to some of that feedback, the amount of work students are sent each day will be decreased. We want to ensure we maintain student learning while making daily routines manageable for families as we all adjust to this new reality. Please know I think of and pray for your families often.


Language Arts: (students in the ESL program exempted)

Reading: read next story in your readers

Handbook for Reading: pg. 105 (read 2x) Special sounds “kn” in “knot” and “gn” in “gnat.”

Letters and Sounds 1: pg. 57-58. Take a picture of your finished work and record yourself reading the words on pg. 57 q. 3.

Math: See seesaw link for online temperature practice activity. Complete pg. 147 and pg. 148 q.1-3.

Science: Students will be making “Matter Models” with materials found around their home.

French: Students will record themselves singing Jésus m’aime with actions.

Physical Education: Fill in and submit your weekly activity log.


Language Arts: (students in the ESL program exempted)

Reading: go to www.getepic.com and read the book “Max Plants a Seed” assigned to you in “my library.” Answer the questions attached to the seesaw activity. Remember to use full sentences. Directions for using getepic.com: go to https://www.getepic.com, click on “login”, “student/educator”, next add class code “gjh8246”, press “go”, select “my library” and select the book, “Max Plants a Seed.”

Handbook: Review pg. 105 Special sounds “kn” in “knot” and “gn” in “gnat.”

Language 1: Reviewing number words pg. 58-59

Math: Arithmetic 1 pg. 149 and pg. 150 q. 1. Also check out the game link under “activities” for some practice with Candian coin recognition. https://www.iknowit.com/lessons/a-coin-identification-and-values-canadian.html

Social Studies: Review of the provinces of Canada through song and virtual puzzle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IDmZAzA3Wc&list=PLted2dqk6iNDf0mPsJlbDH8nQPNG9fNcN&index=5&t=0s


Library:  Mrs. Biech will be posting a link as we continue reading The Double Dabble Surprise.


Language Arts: (students in the ESL program exempted)

Handbook for Reading: pg. 106 (read 2x) Special sounds “ang” in “bang” and “ong” in long.

Letters and Sounds 1: pg. 59-60. Take a picture of your finished work.

Writing Wednesday: Today’s writing assignment will be about pets…but not just ordinary pets. You are going to have to use your imagination! Listen to the story in the link https://youtu.be/HB2VmTPZrAo. Your assignment is to come up with your own imaginary creature. Draw a picture of your imaginary pet and write 2-3 sentences below it. Remember to use your neatest penmanship and to double check for correct punctuation and capitalization. Take a picture of your drawing with your writing and record yourself reading your sentences.

Math: Arithmetic 1 pg. 151 q. 3 and pg. 152. Q. 2-4. Check out activities for a link to a different coin combination practice game. Try it out a few times. https://www.iknowit.com/lessons/a-counting-coins-up-to-one-dollar-canadian.html

Bible: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Easter.  Students will then respond with a note, letting me know something they learned, or tell me about their favorite part.  Students may color a picture, about something in the video, if they would rather.  Students will find the assignment in the activity tab.


Language Arts: (students in the ESL program exempted)

Reading: Choose a book or chapter of a book from home (one that you can read in 5 minutes or less) and record yourself reading it. Remember to read with expression.

Handbook for Reading: Review pg. 106, Special sounds “ang” in “bang” and “ong” in long.

Language 1: page 60-61. Take a picture of your finished work.

Math: Arithmetic 1 pg. 153 (note: in question #1 you do not need to do the pennies question), and pg. 154 q. 2-4

Music: Stay tuned for Mrs. Wilting’s music minute



Have a wonderful week!

Ellie Bryenton