Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to spend some time reflecting on the death and resurrection of our Saviour.

This Week in Grade Two

Language:  Students will begin reading “The Sword in the Tree” by Clyde Robert Bulla.

Math: Students will continue to learn about multiplication and subtraction with borrowing from the hundreds place.

Social Studies:  Students will continue to study the Atlantic Region.

Mathletics – The Final Update!

The results are in! It was a very close competition between classes, especially grade four and five who were vying for the top spot. In the end, grade four finished the month long Mathletics March Madness Competition with 17,233 points, just ahead of the grade five class with 17,015.  Our class worked hard all month long and should be proud of the effort they put in.

Congratulations to Jeremiah, Clara, and Ezra who were the top scorers in grade two!

Canadian Achievement Test (CAT)

Next week (April 13th – 15th), GCS students from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 will be writing a Canadian Achievement Test.  The CAT is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes of the following basic skill areas: reading, language, spelling, and mathematics. Essentially, as well as being a tracker of learning abilities, the CAT also evaluates how well students perform in comparison to other students across Canada as a whole.

Food Drive

Grade 12 students will be collecting the boxes for the Food Drive early Tuesday morning. As such, we still have one more day to bring in dry goods to donate to the food bank.

Upcoming Assessments

Wednesday – Math test

Thursday – Phonics test

Friday – Spelling Test List # 20

Important Dates

  • Thursday, April 15 – Elementary Parent-Teacher Interviews (5:00-7:00 pm)
  • Friday, April 16 – High School Parent-Teacher Interviews (No School)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton