That was another busy week! As we approach our final week of classes before Christmas, please take note of the following announcements.

Christmas Party

Friday, December 16th is our last school day before Christmas. It is a half day, We will be celebrating with a Christmas Party. Activities and games will be planned and snacks will be enjoyed (these will be provided). Students are to be picked at NOON, so will not be eating lunch at school.


Please be mindful to keep your child home if he/she is unwell. Sickness spreads so quickly, especially within the Elementary grades where coughing/sneezing into one’s arm is definitely not a mastered skill.

Spelling and Homework for this Week

Spelling quizzes will resume in January! There is also no assigned reading homework or Bible verse for next week. We are taking a well-deserved break!

Cooler Temperatures

As we experience more winter-like temperatures and weather conditions, please remind your children to come prepared for the outdoors. Students are encouraged to have a warm hat and mittens in their backpacks every day and to come dressed in a warm jacket and pants. Snow pants and winter boots will also help your children stay warm and dry as we enjoy the winter weather and fun in the snow.

For students who arrive prior to 8:45 AM, please note that students will not be permitted to go inside the school to gather their winter gear. Please arrive dressed for the winter conditions.

Elementary Christmas Production:

A tremendous thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas Concert on Thursday! What a wonderful experience that was. It was great to be able to have a real Christmas production again…there hasn’t been one since our class was in Kindergarten!!

Dates to Remember:

Friday, December 16th – Last day of classes before Christmas (HALF DAY – NOON pick-up time)
Tuesday, January 3rd – First day of classes in the New Year

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday, December 16th – Math Test 5

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Mrs. Smylie