Grade 5 parents,

We are down to one more week of school and what a fun-filled week it will be. Thank you so much for your generosity in donating items for the Prince Edward Home residents. It was an incredible blessing to see all of the items underneath the tree. Take note below of this week’s festivities and have a wonderful Christmas.

Genius Hour Christmas Project

This Wednesday, students will be tasked to make the sturdiest sleigh. I will supply several materials for construction, but students will be encouraged to bring items from home. The following items would be useful: toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, straws, cardboard boxes, string, and decorative stickers.

Our Week of Learning

This week students will complete a variety of Christmas themed language activities from creating a toy commercial to writing a limerick. In math, we will learn to add and subtract fractions that have uncommon denominators and write whole numbers as improper fractions.

Assessments this Week

Monday – Math Quiz (Changing improper fractions to a mixed number)

Thursday – Spelling Quiz (Christmas List)

Christmas Theme Week: 

Monday – Festive Colours Day

Tuesday – Christmas Luau and Christmas Hat Day

Wednesday – Christmas Sweater Day

Thursday – Christmas Pajama Day

Important Dates:

Last day before Christmas break and half-day class parties – Friday, December 17


Mrs. MacDougall