We’re about to begin the third quarter of our school year! Everything will really seem to fly by from now on…

Parent-Teacher Interviews

The Parent-Teacher interviews for Elementary will be taking place on Thursday, Feb.4th, from 5:00-7:00PM. As much as I would love to be able to meet with each student’s parents, it is unfortunately not possible.  If I have not contacted you to request an interview, this means that I have no concerns regarding your child’s progress. As a parent, IF you have a concern about your child that you feel needs to be discussed in person, then you should schedule an interview. As stated in the e-mail that was sent out to all parents on Friday:
“Although GCS takes pride in the partnership between parents and teachers, due to COVID-19 required guidelines, we ask that parents only schedule conferences with teachers should there be something specific they need to discuss with those teachers.  Note that there are a very limited number of conference slots available for each teacher for in-person conferences (10 minute length).  If you wish to schedule a meeting with a teacher outside of these conference times, please contact the teacher directly to arrange a day/time.”
At the moment, ALL the interview time slots have been filled and I am making special arrangements outside of regular conference times.

What’s Going On?

In Social Studies, students will be learning about the climates of North America. In Math, we will continue working on converting measures and we will begin studying Roman numerals. In Language Arts, we will be wrapping up our unit on synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms (test on Thursday).  Although we will begin a new spelling list (List 16) this week, the quiz will not be until next Monday (due to the short week).

Letters to the Teacher

Last week, we mailed the letters that were written as part of our unit on writing friendly letters. We had a nice, brisk walk to two different mailboxes near the school. Now, we are anxiously awaiting their delivery! We are very excited to see if they will all be delivered on the same day or not. Stay tuned!

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday – Math Quiz #8
Thursday – Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms Unit Test

Dates to Remember
Monday, Feb.1 – Semester Turnaround Day (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, Feb.4 – Report Cards and Elementary Parent -Teacher interviews (5:00-7:oo PM)
Friday, Feb.5 – Jr./Sr. High interviews (NO SCHOOL)
Monday, Feb.15 – Islander Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, Feb.26 – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

See you all on Tuesday!

Mrs. Smylie