Another week in February is in the books!  It was a fun, but short, week celebrating reading and the Olympics.  Hopefully you will all enjoy the day with family on Monday for Islander Day.  Look below to see what is happening this week!

Independent Novel Study

This week, students will be starting their first independent novel study.  Each student will choose a novel to begin reading during their homework each night.  Some class time will be given as well, so they will be reminded to bring them each day to work through the chapters. We will be discussing the various parts of fiction as they read through their books, with the plan to complete a book report before March Break.

Being Prepared

It is important that each student is prepared for class each day with all the necessary materials.  We are now in the second half of Grade 4 and working on responsibility is a key factor for their development as students.  That being said, please work with your child to make sure they have brought back any books (ie math) when it has been taken home to be completed or to make corrections.  Agendas are tools to keep any assignments or work/forms to be completed.  A simple checklist by a backpack may help to keep them organized and prepared.  An inability to have the materials for class may result in more work at home because it cannot be completed during the day.  Thank you for your support in this area.

Important Dates

February 21 – Islander Day (No School)


Friday – Preposition Quiz; Spelling Quiz 15

Have a great week!

Mrs. Biech