Good evening,

We have been blessed with another very beautiful weekend.  I hope you were all able to enjoy time today with your family on this long weekend.  Please take note of the following items relating to our Grade Two class this week:

The week in Grade Two: 

Math:   This week students we will review four digit addition with carrying and learn to add three numbers that require carrying.  We will continue to review fractions and mixed numbers.

Language Arts:  Student will be studying list # 18.  Each list will now contain three vocabulary words where they will be expected to know how to spell the word, the definition of the word and how to use it in a sentence.  Each night when practicing your child’s spelling list, don’t forget to also practice the vocabulary.

In reading, we will continue to read through The Sword in the tree.  We will have a short comprehension quiz on Wednesday on Chapters 1-3.

Social Studies:  This week students will continue to learn about the wetlands within the  Canadian Shield region.

Assessments this week:

  • Wednesday – “The Sword in the Tree”  Chapters 1-3 comprehension Quiz
  • Thursday – Math Test
  • Friday – Spelling Test # 18

Dates to Remember:

  • Friday, Mar. 4 – Professional Development Day (No School)
  • Monday, Mar. 14-18 – March Break (No School)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton