Hello Parents,

Happy sunny Sunday afternoon!  It’s such a beautiful day and I am hoping to go out and enjoy it with my family this afternoon.  Please take note of the items below regarding our grade two class this week.

This week in Grade two:

Language:  Students will be continue to review spelling list # 16.  This is the first week that students will have vocabulary words on their test.  Students will be expected to know how to spell each vocabulary word, the definition of each word, and how to use it in a sentence.  Students will be finishing up their non-fiction narrative and will present it to the class this week.

Math: Last week students learned subtraction with borrowing from the tens place.  We will continue to practice this as we prepare to do subtraction with borrowing from the hundreds place as well as borrowing over a zero.   This week we will also learn about measuring in millilitres and litres as well as gram and milligram.

Social Studies:  Students will continue their study of the Arctic Lowlands.

Assessments This Week

Tuesday: Math Test
Wednesday: Phonics Test
Thursday: Spelling Test # 16  (This week’s spelling test will also have three vocabulary words along with the regular list words)

Dates to Remember

Friday, Feb. 26th: PD Day (NO SCHOOL)
Monday, March 8th: Spring Photo Day
Monday, March 15th- Friday, March 19th: March Break (NO SCHOOL)

Enjoy your Week!

Mrs. Barton