Good evening.

It’s hard to believe that we are heading into March already!  The school year is flying by. We are blessed to be able to be in class together.  Thank you for your support over the last few weeks.  Please take note of the following items related to our grade two class this week:

This week in Grade Two: 

Math:   This week students be learning subtraction with borrowing from the tens place

Language Arts:  Student will be studying list # 19.  Each list will now contain three vocabulary words where they will be expected to know how to spell the word, the definition of the word and how to use it in a sentence.  Each night when practicing your child’s spelling list, don’t forget to also practice the vocabulary.  Since we do have school on Friday, we will have our spelling test on Monday, March 7th.

In reading, we will continue to read through The Sword in the tree.

Social Studies:  This week students will be introduced to the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region of Canada.

Assessments this week:

  • Wednesday – Math Test
  • Thursday – Phonics Test
  • Monday, March 7th – Spelling test #19

Dates to Remember:

  • Friday, Mar. 4 – Professional Development Day (No School)
  • Monday, Mar. 14-18 – March Break (No School)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton