Last week ended up being even shorter than planned…and it looks like we are in store for another storm.  Please be sure to check in on any of the GCS media platforms for news regarding school closures or delays.

What’s Going On?

In Social Studies, students will continue learning about the climates of North America. In Math, we will be diving right in with Fractions! One of the students asked me last week, “Mrs. Smylie, will we actually ever use fractions in real life?”  Feel free to show how YOU use fractions around the house! In Language Arts, we will begin our unit on commas and when/how to use them properly.  We will be having our List 16 Spelling quiz on Monday (or Tuesday, if the storm interferes with school) and we will also begin studying List 17 (quiz on Friday).

Letters to the Teacher

A little over a week ago, we mailed the letters that were written as part of our unit on writing friendly letters. We had a nice, brisk walk to two different mailboxes near the school. They have all been delivered! Keep your eyes on your mailbox next week for my response letter to your child!

This Week’s Assessments

Monday – Spelling Quiz (List 16)
Wednesday – Math Test #8
Friday – Spelling Quiz (List 17)

Dates to Remember
Monday, Feb.15 – Islander Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, Feb.26 – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

See you soon!

Mrs. Smylie