We are looking forward to another great week. This week we are studying spelling list #9 which has fifteen words: round, shout, cloud, south, cow, now, down, brown, clown, crown, town, slow, snow, what, was.

We will also be having a quiz on Canadian coins on Thursday. Students will need to be able to identify their names and values. We have been working on this in class but a little extra reinforcement at home would be very helpful for some.

I’m hoping to start a new, in-class Super Readers Library system to encourage more reading practice at home. Our Super Readers Library will be different from our school library time as it will be composed of levelled readers and our reading group teachers will help students select books appropriate for each student’s current reading ability. More details will come on that next week.

Also, a quick reminder that class begins right at 9:00 am. Elementary students are encouraged to arrive at 8:45 to ensure they are in class and ready to begin at this time.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Ellie Bryenton