Grade 5 parents,

Thank you for all of your hard work over this past week. We have been able to learn many new concepts as we finish this quarter. Thank you for answering questions and clarifying instructions for your children. We have a few new things in our schedule this week, so please read through dates and times carefully in the announcements below.

Wellness Wednesday 
On Wednesday, January 26th,  all GCS staff, students, and families are being asked to unplug from their remote learning responsibilities and to focus on their spiritual, emotional, physical, and social well-being.  We encourage families to consider ways in which you can recharge during this challenging time of isolation due to COVID-19 restrictions in our province by creating a bucket list of activities that you can do together to promote overall wellness.
Wellness Suggestions
If you are having trouble thinking of activities, read through my suggestions below.
– Work together as a family to make supper.
– Build a snow fort.
– Work on a puzzle.
– Go on a hike.
– Have an outdoor winter bonfire.
Zoom Calls
This week we will be having two zoom calls. The first one will happen on Tuesday at 11AM. The second one will take place on Thursday at 11AM.  An afternoon announcement will go out on Monday for what to have prepared for Tuesday. I will also let you know Tuesday morning as a reminder how to be prepared for the zoom call. The same two announcements will go out for Thursday’s call. I am excited to spend this time with you this week.
Have a great Sunday,
Mrs. MacDougall