Dear Parents and Students,

It is our last week of online school. Wow! This year has been full of surprises, but we have all done our best to meet these challenges head on and to continue to meet our learning goals. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. It has truly been a privilege  to get to know each child and watch them learn and grow this year. It saddens me that we weren’t able to complete the year together seeing you face to face each day, but I am also extremely proud of all the work you and your families have continued to accomplish. This week will be different. We are focusing on a theme. There will be more activities, but much less workbook work. I hope it’s a fun week that students will be excited about.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer and I hope to see your children walking our halls again in the fall.


Mrs. Bryenton


Special Project Week

Critter Tasks

Going on a Critter Hunt: It’s Creepy Crawly week!!! Your special assignment is to make a habitat for bugs out of recycled materials or whatever you can find at home. Make sure it’s cozy and has all that your creepy crawly critter needs. It should also have clear sides so you can see your critter. Check out the video if you need some ideas . Next, go on a critter hunt! Collect a creepy crawly critter of your choice from your garden or yard (worms, ladybugs, crickets, june bugs, spiders, whatever you can find).

  • Tap the “Add Response” button. Select the drawing option. Take a picture of your creepy crawly and its habitat. Use your mic to tell me what your creepy crawly is. Observe your critter and be ready to tell Arts:
  • Creepy Critters of the day are ants. Go to and read the two books about ants: “The Ant and the Grasshopper” and “How Strong is an Ant.” When you finish reading the stories, select “add response” and label which story is fiction and which is nonfiction and share one fact you learned.
  • Creepy Critters Scavenger Hunt (due Wednesday)
  • Optional: Ant Maze
  • (optional) Colouring page

Science:  Celebrate your school year with a little homemade ice cream activity.  Maybe you can add some fun toppings to make your ice cream insect-like?

French: Look in the Activities section for a fun song that you just might recognize!

Physical Education: Remember to participate in at least 20min of physical activity every day. You’ll be logging this at the end of the week. If you haven’t submitted last week’s activity log, go back and do that today.


Critter Tasks

  • Today’s creepy crawly critters are spiders. Head over to and listen to the story titled “Spiders.” When you are done, tap the “add response” button and then select the notebook. Type 1 thing you learned about spiders.
  • Observing Your Creepy Crawlies habitat: On a piece of paper, write four sentences about you creepy crawly. Use your neatest penmanship and full sentences. Your sentences could include what type of bug/creature you collected, where you found it, and other things you notice about it (for example what colour it is, where it spends it’s time, if it has wings, is it fast or slow, what it eats). Upload a picture of your sentences.
  • Bug Bar Graph math activity
  • (Optional) Check out these bug super powers (pdf)
  • (optional) Colouring page

Social Studies:

  • It’s our final stop on our tour of Canada: Nunavut! What a beautiful country God has given us to live in. Watch the video and respond to see some of this territory’s symbols and locate it on a map of Canada.


Critter Tasks

  • Today’s creepy crawly critters are grasshoppers. Head over to and click on “My Library” to find and listen to the book entitled “Grasshoppers.” Click on “add response.” Type 2 things you learned about grasshoppers.
  • Bug Vocabulary sorting activity
  • Handbook for Reading pg. 123
  • Letters and Sounds page 90 (please upload a picture of your completed work)
  • Bug math pages
  • (optional) Colouring page


-Stay Tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting-Sing along Song “If I were a Butterfly”

Critter Tasks

  • Today’s creepy crawly critters are worms. Learn a bit about earthworms in the video below . Select “add response”  and type the answers to the questions about the video.
  • (optional) Colouring page
  • Worm poem – select “add response” and click on the mic to record yourself reading the poem.
  • Listen to the story, “The Diary of a Worm.”
  • Handbook for Reading page 124
  • Letters and Sounds page 92
  • Bug Time Quiz


Physical Education: Activity logs are due today. Check your Seesaw Activities.