Dear Parents,

I hope you have had a great March Break. Thank you to all of you for helping keep our class healthy. Our class is currently in 1st place in our school for points!!! Wow! Way to go, Grade 1! Points can continue to be earned for this coming week only. See below for more information.

This week we will spend some extra time reviewing things students may have missed due to so many being away for health or isolation reasons. If your child was away before March break or will be away next week, please connect them to Seesaw and I will try upload our Language Arts and Math work. Picking up books can be arranged by calling the office or through a connection at the school who wouldn’t mind dropping them off for you. Although Covid continues to raise challenges, I’m doing all I can to try and help your child to not fall behind. Even if you don’t have books, they can go through the videos and work on our new special sounds and our Mathletics Challenge.

Mathletics Challenge

GCS is #10 in the March Math Challenge, with an average of 2,602 points per student.   This is #10 out of 220 schools across Canada and the US!

As of Friday, March 11th here are the classes in the lead for the pizza party.

1st place: Gr 1 with an average of 3,977 points
2nd place: Gr 2 with an average of 3,126 points
3rd place: Gr. 4 with an average of 1, 787 points

We have one more week to go to get those points in.

Important Dates:

Spring Pictures – Friday, March 25th

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Miss Kennedy