Hello, Grade 3 families!

I hope that you all have had a restful and healthy March Break! The week leading up to the break was…interesting. Due to having only 2 students in class for most of that week, we will be spending this week in extreme catch-up mode! Missed quizzes and tests will be made up this week by many students. The quiz for Spelling List 20 was postponed until this week.


Because all Math lessons were posted on Seesaw for those students who were absent last week, we will continue from where we left off in class on Friday before March Break. If your child did not do the posted lessons, they will be bringing their math books home to catch up as necessary.

Mathletics Competition

GCS is #10 in the March Math Challenge, with an average of 2,602 points per student.   This is #10 out of 220 schools across Canada and the US!

As of Friday, March 11th here are the classes in the lead for the pizza party.

1st place: Gr 1 with an average of 3,977 points
2nd place: Gr 2 with an average of 3,126 points
3rd place: Gr. 4 with an average of 1, 787 points

Grade three is in a close runner-up position with an average of 1, 583 points.  I expect our class will be able to gain some ground, given that so many students were not in school last week! We have one more week to go to get those points in.
Bottles/Cans/Juice Boxes
Please continue to send in any refundables as we resume our project! We will begin our in-class “greenhouses” in the next week or two!
This Week’s Assessments
Monday & Tuesday: Quizzes & Tests missed due to absences
Wednesday: Math Test #9
Friday: Spelling Quiz #20
Important Dates
Friday, March 25: Spring Photo Day
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!
Mrs. Smylie