Hello to you all! We certainly have been having a strange time, haven’t we? This might be the first full week we’ve had in a long time, and it will be filled with special themed dress-up days.  Please take note of all of the following announcements to be sure you won’t miss anything!

What’s Going On?

This week, we will continue to catch up on what we missed over the past two weeks! In Math, we will continue exploring equivalent fractions, learn how to solve problems with parentheses, and begin division with a 3-digit dividend. In Language Arts, we will move along in our unit on simple, compound, and complex sentences, as well as continue reading Secret in the Maple Tree. In Social Studies, we will hopefully finish up our study of North America just in time for March Break!

Mathletics March Madness – Week 1 Update

The Mathletics March Madness competition is off to a great start! Students are reminded that there will be a prize for the student in each grade who earns the most points as well as a pizza party for the class who earns the most average points. Do you want to know who is in the lead? Check out the average points (as of Friday afternoon) below!

Grade 1 – 1,833

Grade 2 – 2,697

Grade 3 – 3,640

Grade 4 – 2,613

Grade 5 – 3,205

Grade 6 – 1,686

Congratulations to our very own GRADE 3 students who are currently in the lead! However, this is just the beginning and anything can happen! We would love to see students growing and improving in their math skills throughout this competition. Go Mathletes!

Winter Carnival Theme Days

Monday: Spring Picture Day (No dress-up day)

Tuesday: Decade Day – Time travel through fashion today! Dress as a student from the groovy sixties, the disco seventies or the preppie eighties, or be creative and choose another era. You can check out Pinterest for some creative ideas. Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

Wednesday: Tacky Tourist Day – We can’t travel or go away for March Break this year but today you can dress up as though you are on your way to our favourite travel destination! Wear your Hawaiian shirts and white socks with sandals or your favourite souvenir shirt – use your imagination! Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

Thursday: Science Fair Day (Gr. 5 – 9) (No dress-up day)

Friday: PJ Day – To end-off Winter Carnival week, wear your pajamas to school, but don’t forget to wake up! Remember: modest, clean, neat and appropriate is always the expectation.

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday: Math Quiz 10
Friday: Spelling Quiz 20

That is all for now!

Mrs. Smylie