Dear Students and Families,

Thank you for another week of hard work and dedication. It is so encouraging to watch everyone’s progress. Your input and effort is greatly appreciated. I hope each mother has a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend. You are raising the next generation and you give so much for your families.  Here’s is an outline for next week’s work.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bryenton

Week of May 11th


Language Arts:

  • Handbook for Reading pg. 118 the “ear” (pronounced like “air”) in “bear” and the “ear” (pronounced like “er”) in “earth.”
  • Letters and Sounds pg. 77, 78


Science:   Students will investigate the surface tension of water and conduct an experiment to determine which solution creates the best bubbles!

French: See the Activities section on Seesaw for a French review activity.


Language Arts:

  • Handbook for Reading review pages 117-118 (make sure you can differentiate between the three “ear” special sounds. There will be a sound sorting assessment activity later this week.)
  • Letters and Sounds pg. 79-80
  • Getepic Reading Assignment: go to and read the book, “Can I have my ball back?” If you could invent any machine, what would you invent? Draw a picture of it and record yourself explaining what your machine does. Directions for using go to, click on “login”, “student/educator”, next add class code “gjh8246”, press “go”, select “my library” and select the book that was assigned to you.


  • Watch youtube mini lesson on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes:
  • Practice using this online analog clock: Try slowly moving the minute (longer) hand and take note of how this also makes the hour hand move slowly. Remember that if the hour hand is between two numbers, the hour is still the number that is before the hour hand. (Parents if you could help demonstrate this and check for understanding as many students are still struggling with this concept).
  • Click on the link to practice a telling time game. Select “Five Minutes.” Try it a few times until or until you get a perfect score.
  • Arithmetic 1: page 198

Social Studies:

  • Symbols of Alberta matching activity


Language Arts:

  • Special Sounds with “ear”  Sorting Assessment
  • Reading and Writing assessment: You will be asked to record yourself reading the short story sent to you. Use your neatest handwriting, full sentences, proper capitalization and punctuation to answer 3 questions about the story you read.


  • Arithmetic 1: page 199-200
  • Record yourself counting by 5’s from 150-200
  • Try this mental math game. Click on the link. Select the train with the “-” sign. Select “up to 10.” (Optional: ready for an extra challenge? Select “menu” to go back and select from a wide range of more challenging questions.)

Bible:  Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Peter.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.


Language Arts:

  • Getepic Reading Assignment: read the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” When you are done, type the moral of the story (the lesson we can learn).
  • Language 1 pages 76*, 77, and 78 (*Note: On page 76 question 2 instead of drawing a picture, take a photo of you and your favourite toy. I will share some of these pictures with the class).



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