And then it was May! How amazing is it that we have completed 8 months of school already?! How blessed we truly are to be able to come into our school every day and have in-person classes! Please pray for the areas in our country that have been shut down and have returned to online learning for the next few weeks.
What’s Going On?
This week in Math, students will be learning how to multiply two two-digit numbers! In Language Arts, we will continue working on our Secret in the Maple Tree book reports. We have also finished our lunchtime reading of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (a book from the Narnia series) and have begun watching the movie; students will be comparing the book to the movie, and stating and justifying their opinion of which one is better. Spelling List 27 will be introduced and the quiz will be next Monday (Friday is a PD Day). In Social Studies, students have finished creating their Province Projects and presentations have begun. Check in on Seesaw and/or ClassDojo for photos of the projects!
World Math Day
This week, students in elementary will test their mathematical speed and accuracy by participating in World Math Day – the world’s largest online math competition! Students are encouraged to brush up on their math skills in preparation of game day by visiting Mathletics and completing activities or challenging their classmates and other children around the world in Live Mathletics competitions. On Wednesday, May 5, students will complete twenty Live Mathletics games during school hours and submit their scores. Let’s see how GCS will rank in a global competition! Come on, mathletes!
May the 4th be With You!
On Tuesday, all GCS students are invited to come to school dressed in a Star Wars theme. This is completely optional.
Due to an error on my part, we were unable to have our baking activity on Friday. It has been rescheduled for next week. Students do not need to bring in anything for this activity.
Dates to Remember
Tuesday, May 4th – Star Wars dress up theme day
Wednesday, May 5th – World Math Day
Friday, May 7th – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)
Monday, May 24th – Victoria Day (NO SCHOOL)
This Week’s Assessments
Wednesday, May 5th – Math Quiz 13
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Smylie