Operation Pollination Update

We have exciting news! Thanks to last week’s very large haul of cans and bottles, we had enough money to purchase a hydrangea plant! We are currently caring for this newest member of our plant family and hope to plant it just before the end of the school year.

We ARE still collecting empty pop cans/pop bottles/juice boxes; please note that milk containers are not refundables. As the weather warms up, the thought of soon being able to transplant our seedlings has us very excited, indeed!! We have approximately $5 in reserve right now, and all monies collected from now until the last week of school will go toward the purchase of mulch/soil.

Final Spelling Quiz

We have only 1 Spelling List left in this school year! We will be working on List 30 next week, and the quiz will be given on Friday, June 3rd. We are all very happy that this is the LAST Spelling quiz this year!!

Dress Code Reminder

With the change in seasons, and as your children continue to grow out of their clothing that fit them last fall, we wish to provide you with this reminder.
As stated in the GCS Handbook the school’s overall dress code standard is modest, clean, neat, and appropriate. Shorts and skirts must not be shorter than just above the knee, which is typically to the tips of the fingers on most children. Girls are permitted to wear sleeveless shirts as long as the straps are wider than three finger widths (please no shirts with thin spaghetti straps). Clothing with a rebellious or negative message are considered dress code violations.

All kindergarten and elementary students must have a second pair of shoes to be worn inside. According to provincial regulations, kindergarten and elementary students are required to wear socks at all times while at school. Sandals are not permitted for this reason.

We are thrilled to see our elementary students wearing GCS apparel on a daily basis. We are even more excited when we see our parents embracing their GCS pride and purchasing clothes for themselves. For those wishing to purchase GCS apparel, please visit one of our online clothing stores at https://allstarcresting.ca/gcs_apparel/shop/homeor http://gracecs.entripyshops.com/. New items are being added regularly.

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday, June 1st: Math Test 16
Friday, June 3rd: Spelling Quiz 30

Important Dates

Saturday, June 4th: GCS Annual Golf Challenge
Thursday, June 16th: Family Fun Day (NO SCHOOL)
Friday, June 17th: School Closing Ceremony (Morning ONLY)

That is all for now!

Mrs. Smylie