Thank you for another successful week of online learning! Please see below for what’s coming in the week ahead. Have a wonderful weekend. I continue to pray for you child and your family during this time.


Ellie Bryenton

Week of May 4th


Language Arts:

– Handbook for Reading: Review Chart 9 pg. 114

– Record yourself reading these ten review vocabulary words from Chart 9: 1. Awake, 2. Sink, 3. King, 4. Puppy, 5. Giggle, 6. Called, 7. Kneeling, 8. Spilled, 9. Burns, 10. Prayed.

– SeeSaw Colour Words Review Activity

– Language 1: pg. 72-73


– Review our counting by 5’s song:

– Arithmetic 1: pg. 185-186

Science: This week, with the help of their family, students are being challenged to create their own unique stop-motion videos. Check out Leah & Lauren’s stop-motion video they’ve created this week for some inspiration.

French: See the Activities section on Seesaw for a French review activity.


Language Arts:

– Get Epic Reading: go to Select and read the book “Sheep on the Run.” See if you can complete the quiz at the end (you do not need to record any part of this assignment. Just note I can see if you have read the book or not on

Directions for using go to, click on “login”, “student/educator”, next add class code “gjh8246”, press “go”, select “my library” and select the book that was assigned to you.

– Handbook for Reading: pg. 116, read twice, “wh” in “whale” and the “wh” in “who”

– Letters and Sounds: pg. 72-73

– Who’s Laughing Now: Type out one of your favourite clean jokes or riddles and I will share them with the class next week

– Capital Letters Review Game: (please note there is a long advertisement – scroll up slightly to see where you can skip it after 15 seconds).


– Watch this video to review telling time (pay special attention to reading time to the quarter hour):

– Review telling time to the quarter hour: click on the link below, scroll down until you see the game and select “play game.” After it loads, you will need to select “Play” twice, then select “read time to the quarter hour.” Extra challenge (optional): select “read time to the nearest minute.”

– Arithmetic 1: pg. 187 (q. 1-2), 188, 189 (q. #2)

Social Studies

  • British Columbia: Watch the introductory video about British Columbia:
  • Colour in the province of British Columbia on the map of Canada attached and record yourself sharing something you would like to do if you ever visit British Columbia (use the video for ideas).


Language Arts

– Handbook for Reading: review pg. 116

– Reading and writing assessment: You will be asked to record yourself reading the short story sent to you. Use your neatest handwriting, full sentences, proper capitalization and punctuation to answer 3 questions about the story you read.


– Math Quiz: Telling time to the half and quarter hour (seesaw activity)

– Comparing Weights Game: click on the link, read the question carefully each time, select your answer and press “enter.”

  • Arithmetic 1: pg. 190 (q. 1, 2, 4)

Bible:  Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Peter Preaches.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.



Language Arts

– Handbook for Reading: pg. 117, special sounds “tch” in “patch” and “ear.”

– Letters and Sounds pg. 74-75

– Getepic reading: go to Select the book called, “Little Sock.” Read the story and respond with a picture of you in your favourite pair of socks. I will share your pictures with the whole class.

Directions for using go to, click on “login”, “student/educator”, next add class code “gjh8246”, press “go”, select “my library” and select the book that was assigned to you.


– Arithmetic 1: pg. 191 (q. 1, 3), 192

– Skip Counting by 5’s Game: (this should be review so if you struggle with it, make sure to try it a few times)

Music-Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting


Language Arts

-Handbook for Reading: review pg. 117

-Language 1: pg. 74-75 (for question #2 on page 75 please fill a whole page of paper with your drawing of your class. I will select 2 to share with the whole class.)

-Fill in the blanks with the correct special sounds words.

-Special Sounds Game: try making the word you hear using different special sounds of your choice. Challenge yourself to try a few different special sounds.


– Place Value Review Activity:

– Arithmetic 1: pg. 193, 194,195 (q. 2-3)

Art – check out seesaw for art with Mrs. Arthurs