We  have had a great week in Grade 3!  We continued learning about division, the steps involved, and what to do when things just don’t divide evenly (the answer is, we don’t panic!)  In Social Studies we began exploring how certain countries celebrate Christmas.  We have been looking for similarities and differences in the celebrations between Canada and the United States (two weeks ago), Brazil (last week), and will look at Italy (this week) and Liberia (next week).  If time permits, each student might even have the opportunity to do an independent study on Christmas traditions of a country of their choice.  In Language Arts, we have been working hard on understanding when to use an apostrophe (to show possession/belonging, and to make a contraction).  We have finished this unit and will begin our next unit, which is on using quotation marks (to show direct quotes, and to show dialogue).

Reward Day!

As you know, we have been using ClassDojo in our classroom and each student has the opportunity to earn points every day for showing readiness, responsibility, kindness, participation, etc.  I am so thrilled to announce that our class has reached their first 2000 points target!!  The students voted on what sort of celebration they wanted to have, and the winning suggestion was a PYJAMA DAY, which we will have on Monday, November 30th.

Christmas Outreach Project

As we prepare to celebrate the Christmas season, GCS is so thankful to have an opportunity to bless others in our community.  This year, we will give back to the residents living at Prince Edward Home by collaboratively purchasing gifts for them to open on Christmas morning.

In the past, students from GCS would visit several Island senior homes to sing Christmas carols and deliver warm Christmas wishes. Due to the limitations brought about by COVID-19, our students have been unable to physically visit. However, this Christmas, each class will be asked to purchase specific items as per the requests of the residents at The PE Home. The gift baskets with these items will be delivered to the care home by December 5th, in time for the coordinators to quarantine the items before packaging them for the residents to open on Christmas morning.

The Prince Edward Home is home to 120 residents, and collaboratively the GCS community can bless each one of them this Christmas season.  The Grade 3 class is being asked to purchase puzzles: 300 pc puzzles, word search, crossword books In addition to these items, any GCS student can also purchase the following items:  scarves, decorative pillows, throws/blankets, jewelry, and/or vouchers/gift cards for Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s, or Pat & The Elephant.

All donations need to be brought in no later than Tuesday, December 1st (“Giving Tuesday”).

Assessments This Week:

Wednesday – Grammar Test (Apostrophes)
Thursday – Math Test 5
Friday – Spelling Quiz 10, French Quiz (clothing and weather vocabulary)

Dates to Remember:

Monday, Nov.30 – PJ Day for Grade 3
Tuesday, Dec.1 – Last day to bring in items for the Christmas Outreach Project
Friday, Dec.18 – Last day of classes before Christmas (HALF DAY)