November has arrived so quickly and will be gone just like that!  With a very busy month ahead, please take note of what is happening this week.

Remembrance Day and Christmas Dress

As per the emails from Mrs. Wilting and Mrs. MacNeill, please be looking or ordering ahead so your child can be prepared with the correct clothing on November 9th.  Also, I discussed with the students this week, my expectations for the Remembrance Day ceremony.  Our young ladies should be in dresses or skirts to the knee.  They do not need to be big fancy dresses, but we spent time talking about what would be appropriate for this particular occasion.  For our young gentlemen, think pants with buttons – khakis/cotton pants, or even dark coloured denims would be fine.  If they have black pants brought in for the Christmas concert on Nov. 9, they could wear them for the ceremony and return them to the class before they leave.  As for tops, button-up shirts would be preferred but ties are not required.  A nice collared top could work as well.  Again, please consider the nature of the event and have students dress appropriately.


I am sure even with the rain, students will be finding their way around for treats this evening.  Please limit the number of treats that are being sent to school.  Students still need healthy lunches to fill them and while a small treat or two would be fine, please do not send more than this, thank you.

Show and Tell

This past week, we discussed presentations skills on preparation for reciting “In Flanders Fields”.  To work on our skills, I would love for the students to get an opportunity for a good old show and tell.  Each student can bring a small item from home or send a picture to me to share with the class.  We will focus on developing their confidence in speaking to their peers.

Assessments this Week

Thursday – Math Quiz, French Quiz
Friday – Verbs Test, Spelling Quiz, Memory Verse

Important Dates

Friday, Nov. 5 – End of 1st Quarter
Thursday, Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day (No School)
Friday, Nov. 12 – GCS Professional Development (No School)
Monday, Nov. 15 – GCS Professional Development (No School)
Thursday, Nov. 18 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (Elem. 5pm – 7pm)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Biech