What a week we had! Hopefully this week will see a little less rain! As we begin this new week, please take note of the following announcements.

What’s Going On This Week

This week students will be learning how to solve an equation with an unknown number in Math, will continue learning to recognize the subject and verb in a sentence, and how to diagram a sentence for subject and verb in Language Arts. In Social Studies, group research will continue for our Christmas Around the World projects.

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will take place this Friday, December 3rd. If your child did not have their photo taken the first Picture Day or if you would like them to redo the photo, please have them prepare for it on this day.

Christmas Outreach

The Prince Edward Home is home to 120 residents, and collaboratively we can bless each one of them this Christmas season.  Each class is being asked to purchase specific items.  In addition to these items, any GCS student can also purchase the following items: body wash kits, shampoo kits, scarves, decorative pillows, throws/blankets, jewelry, and/or vouchers/gift cards for Tim’s, McDonalds, or Pat & The Elephant. All residents can use toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and moisturizing lotions.

This is the last week to send in items for our collection.

Our Grade 3 class is responsible for hair care:  brushes, combs, shampoo/conditioner (male/female), and hair accessories.


Just a reminder that our class has their library visit on Mondays. Please be sure to send your child’s library book to school.

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday: Math Quiz #5
Thursday: Sentence Diagramming Quiz
Friday: Spelling Quiz 11

Dates to Remember

Friday, December 3rd: Photo Retakes
Friday, December 17th – Last school day before Christmas Break (HALF DAY)
Tuesday, January 4th – First day of classes of 2022