Hello! I can’t believe we only have two more days of November. Even though Christmas is drawing near, we are not slowing down in our grade five classroom. The last three weeks before Christmas break will all be full weeks of learning. With the excitement of this time of year, please continue to encourage your children to work hard and be an example of a diligent student for their classmates. All of your effort at home is greatly appreciated.

Christmas Outreach Project

In the past, students from GCS would visit several Island senior homes to sing Christmas carols and deliver warm Christmas wishes. Due to the limitations brought about by COVID-19, our students have been unable to physically visit. This year each class has been given a list of items to bless the residents of the Prince Edward Home. Our class has been asked to purchase body wash, hand lotion, bath balms, deodorants, disposable razors, powder, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. As always, we want this generosity to come from the students as much as possible.  We encourage students to use their money from employment, their weekly allowance, or savings to purchase these gifts. Thank you for considering blessing the residents in this way this Christmas. The gift baskets with these items will be delivered to the care home by December 5th.

This week in Grade Five

Math – This week we will learn about proper fractions, improper fractions, and reducing fractions.

Language – We will continue learning how to diagram sentences.

Assignments and Assessments this Week

Due on Monday – Social Studies Egypt Project (Finish colouring)

Monday – Math Quiz

Wednesday – Math Test

Friday – Spelling Quiz (List 10)

Important Dates

December 3rd – Picture Retakes


Mrs. MacDougall