Dear Grade 6 GCS Family,

Next week is quarter two!

In Math, students continued with their fractions unit.  Our last topic we covered was subtracting with borrowing.

In Social Studies, we continued our study of World War Two.  This week we discussed life back at home in Canada, and Canada’s contribution to the war effort.

Beaver Computing Challenge

On Tuesday, November 9th, Grades 5 and 6 students will have the opportunity to participate in the University of Waterloo’s Beaver Computing Challenge.  The challenge is a logic based test with a series of puzzle questions.  Students will be challenged to use their computational and logical thinking skills.  This 45 minute challenge will be scored and students will receive certificates if they achieve a certain score.

Important Dates:

Beaver Computing Challenge – Tuesday, November 9th (in math class)

Christmas Production Rehearsal – Wednesday, November 10th

Remembrance Day (No School) – Thursday, November 11th

GCS Professional Development Day (No School) – Friday, November 12th

GCS Professional Development Day (No School) – Monday, November 15th

Parent-Teacher Interviews – Thursday, November 18th (Evening)

Parent-Teacher Interviews (No School) – Friday, November 19th


Daily Math Work

LA: Rough Draft of Personal Narrative with Revisions – Due Monday

French: Menu completed for Tuesday


Math Quiz #4 – Wednesday, November 10th

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Olsen