Hello parents,

Please take note of all information below as it pertains to our learning and assessments.

This Week in Grade Two

Language – We will write our final unit assignment, and we will practice editing each other’s work.

Math – We will learn how to read a thermometer and assess vertical bar graphs.

Social Studies – We will present our facts about interior plains animals and we will vote on which should be the regional animal of the interior plains.

Spelling Quiz Announcement

This Friday, October 23rd, will be our test on list #4. Students were not tested this past Friday, so please do not move on to list #5 until October 26th.

Tests this Week

Monday – Mini quiz on compound words and compound sentences

Tuesday – Language (Phonics skills)

Thursday – Math

Friday – Spelling (List #4)

Upcoming Dates

Oct 22 – Dress Like A Scientist Day: come dressed as a professional who uses science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in their career field.


Mrs. MacDougall