Hello parents, take a moment to read through all announcements and assignments below as they pertain to our grade two class.

Test Folder

On Friday, each student was given their test folder. Please review each assessment with your child, sign, and send it back to school tomorrow.

Music Announcement

Dear Parents,

We are off to a great start in music class this year at GCS. We are enjoying listening to music, moving our bodies and playing instruments during class. Although it may seem early we are beginning to prepare for the Christmas season. Even though it may look a little different this year due to the Covid-19 regulations we are still going to celebrate, Jesus, the true reason for the season! 

This year our students will have a wonderful opportunity to do something unique in the arts and to participate in yet another type of creative learning experience. The elementary students will be producing a narrated, pantomimed film entitled “Make Room for Jesus” as our Christmas presentation.

As usual there are a few moving parts to make this presentation come together and we need your help.  We are asking that all elementary students come to school dressed in a dark bottom and a plain white top on Wednesday, October 28.  We are planning to film a specific outdoor scene during the school day. If the weather is inclement we will film on Thursday, October 29.  We are looking forward to beginning production.

Please contact me at jwilting@gcspei.ca if you need help getting these items or if you have any other concerns. I am looking forward to working with the students to create something memorable once again!

Julie Wilting

This Week in Grade Two

Language: Students will be tested on nouns and will begin review of pronouns.

Math: Students will learn the freezing point and boiling point of water as well as adding two digit numbers.

Social Studies: We will study the main industries of the Interior Plains.

Tests this Week

Monday – Mini quiz on nouns

Tuesday – Language (Phonics skills)

Thursday – Math

Friday – Spelling (List #5)


Mrs. MacDougall