Welcome to October, everyone!  The first month of school seems to have gone by in a blur and here we are ~ fall is upon us (even though we had a few hot days last week)!  Please take note of all the following information about the coming weeks’ events and changes to the calendar:

Updated Calendar Due to ACSI Cancellation:
In past years, our teachers have attended the ACSI Teachers Conference in Moncton in October but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the conference has been cancelled this year. With this change, we will now have classes on Thursday, Oct. 22 and Friday, Oct. 23.  As a result of this, there are also some changes to the calendar for the month of November. Please make note of the following:

  • Thursday, Nov. 12 – Friday, Nov. 13: PD Days – No School 
  • Thursday, Nov 19: 1st Quarter Report Cards
  • Thursday, Nov. 19: Parent Teacher Conferences (6pm – 9pm)
  • Friday, Nov. 20: Parent Teacher Conferences (10am – 12pm) No School
  • Friday, Nov. 27: PD Day – No School

Thanksgiving Project for Our Class:

The grade 3 class has an exciting project planned as Grace Christian School is looking for opportunities to develop students as compassionate and generous servants in the community as they continue to grow and mature.  Our class is planning to bless a family in need of encouragement as we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, which falls on Monday, October 12th.  We will provide the ingredients traditionally used to make a Thanksgiving dinner, and arrange to deliver a basket to this family.  We already have the chicken provided by a boy in the class, that raises and prepares his own chickens to sell!  Thank you, Caden, for providing a delicious chicken!  The simplest way to arrange to gather the ingredients is to provide a list of what is needed, with a child’s name beside one of the items.  If you are interested and able to supply the item, or in sending in a few dollars to cover the cost of the item, please send this in no later than Thursday, October 8th.  If your family is willing to help, and your child has access to their own money, or a way to make a bit of money, we encourage you to allow your child the opportunity to provide this item by paying for it themselves.  We are looking forward to seeing the items come in, and will be making a card together as a class next week to put in the basket.  Please see the list below for the item we are asking your child to provide:  

Caden – 5 pound bag of potatoes
Emmet – 2 pounds of carrots
Samuel – 1 bag of onions
Blair – store made pumpkin pie
Ean – package of cool whip
Claire – can of cranberry sauce
Payton – 1 box of Stovetop stuffing
James – 1 box of Stove top stuffing
Ray – 2 cans of corn
CiCi – 1 (2 litre) bottle of gingerale
Amy – bag of apples
Jeremy – a bag of candy
Yolanda – 2 cans of turkey or chicken gravy

Wishing you all a great week!
Mrs. Smylie

Assessments This Week:

Tuesday – Math Test 1
Thursday – Grammar Quiz (Kinds of Sentences & Punctuation)
Friday – Spelling Test 4

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Friday, Oct. 9: Picture Day
  • Monday, Oct. 12: Thanksgiving Day – NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, Nov. 12 – Friday, Nov. 13: PD Days – NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, Nov 19: 1st Quarter Report Cards
  • Thursday, Nov. 19: Parent Teacher Conferences (6pm – 9pm)
  • Friday, Nov. 20: Parent Teacher Conferences (10am – 12pm) NO SCHOOL
  • Friday, Nov. 27: PD Day – NO SCHOOL