Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful first week at school! We truly have a lovely class and I’m really enjoying getting to know each student. I am encouraged to see how much our class already knows despite the significant time spent outside the classroom last year. Our class is doing very well with new routines. This week we’ll be doing more review of vowel and consonant sounds and practice blending those sound into words. In math we will be working on counting orally to seventy, writing numerals to ten, and beginning to recognize number words. Students will also be participating in CAT tests to help us determine any additional concepts that need to be reviewed because of the unusual school year last year.

Back and Forth Bags and Homework Folders: Students should bring their Back and Forth Bags to school each day (green zippered courier bag). Please enclose any notes, forms or completed homework inside.

Homework: Homework is due on Friday so students have the week to complete it (though you are welcome to bring it in sooner). Students will be given their homework for the week on Monday (or the previous Friday once spelling tests begin so students have extra time to prepare for them). This week students can expect handwriting practice for the letters “Cc” and “Dd” (focusing on neatness and proper letter formation) and a page reviewing colour words we have been practicing in class (purple, pink, red). Students are also encouraged to practice reading nightly for fifteen minutes or more and can have a parent initial a star on their bookmark for each night they’ve done this. This will get them closer to a treat from the treasure box.  Grade 1 is a major year for the development and growth of reading ability, so having you partner with us to encourage practice at home is truly empowering your child for success.

Super Readers Classroom Library: This week students will have the opportunity to take home 2 books from our classroom library. These books are levelled readers that are great reading practice. They have been levelled and marked with colour coded dots (this will also help identify them from books in your home and from the school’s library books). As we get to know your child’s reading ability, they will be sent home with books that are appropriate to their reading level.

Meet the Teacher: Tomorrow, GCS will be hosting a Meet the Teacher time from 3:00-4:00pm.  This is a time for parents that are new to the school to meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) or for returning parents to meet any new teachers.  Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles until 3:00pm and then come into GCS through the main school doors; you will fill out a health questionnaire form and be directed to your child(ren)’s teacher’s location.  While in GCS, parents are required to wear a non-medical mask at all times.  In order for multiple parents to meet the various teachers, please ensure that your time with each teacher is kept to a minimum.

Please note that this year Grade one students have a variety of teachers for their different courses:

  • Math, Social Studies, Digital Literacy, Art, Language Arts, and French with Mrs. Bryenton
  • Language Arts (including Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar) with Mrs. Biech
  • Bible with Mrs. McGonnell
  • Science with Mrs. MacNeill
  • Music with Mrs. Wilting
  • Gym with Mrs. Laird

Canadian Achievement Test (CAT): In lieu of some of their regular classes, this week GCS elementary students will be writing the Canadian Achievement Test.  The CAT is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes for reading, language, spelling, and mathematics. It will help us as teachers to know the outcomes on which we will need to focus.

Schedule: A copy of your child’s weekly schedule (including days library books need to be returned) was sent home in your child’s back and forth bag last week.

Elementary Drop-off

Please note that due to current public health directives, the school building is not open for students until 8:35 AM, and staff are not present to supervise them until that time. Please drop off your child as close to 8:35 AM as possible to ensure their safety without supervision.

Have a wonderful week! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at

Mrs. Bryenton