We succeeded in completing a full week of school! Our students have now had every subject and met all their teachers. It is wonderful to see the students begin to find their rhythm and get comfortable with their new school routine.

Planting Kindness

At GCS, creating well-rounded students includes much more than academics.  In an effort to teach students to look outside themselves to the needs of others or the greater community, each elementary class has chosen a way to help others in need. The grade 3 students have discussed what this can look like and have voted on helping the Island Pregnancy Centre. We would like to concentrate on collecting packages of baby wipes and diapers. The Centre is looking for size 4, 5,and 6 diapers especially. Thank you to those who have already sent in their items. The students are starting to show their excitement as our “donation pile” grows! We will continue to collect until October 1st. Delivery of our items will take place the following week. This will be our first field trip this year! Information will be provided next week once the details are finalized.

Terry Fox Run

On Wednesday, September 29, Grace Christian School will participate in its twenty-first annual Terry Fox School Run.  In their respective cohorts at scheduled times, students will run, jog, or walk laps of the school soccer field in tribute to Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope.

Students will not be canvassing for pledges but donations will be gratefully accepted until Sept. 29th by homeroom teachers or through e-transfer.  To electronically donate, use the email tuition@gcspei.ca with Terry Fox in the subject line and the student’s name in the message.  All funds received will be sent to the Terry Fox Foundation to assist in the ongoing fight against cancer.  If you are not familiar with the great Canadian Terry Fox, you can learn more by clicking on the link below:


Thank you for partnering with us to share Terry’s legacy of service, perseverance, and sacrifice with our students.

Library Reminder

Our class has Library every Monday. Since this is right after the weekend, I thought a reminder would be a good idea. Students should be sure to to their library book into their school bag ready to be returned on Monday. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to choose another book.

Test Folder

Every week or so, the students will be sent home with a test folder. (This year, it’s actually a courier bag, but we’re sticking with the old name!) The test folder is sent home for parents to have the opportunity to look over any assessments that have been done. I would ask you to please look over what is sent home, sign the recording sheet included in the folder (to say that you have had a chance to see the contents), and return the folder with ALL its contents to school the next day. I will be keeping the assessments in a binder for the year, and that will be sent home at the end of the school year.

Out of the Class

I want to let you all know that I will not be in school on Tuesday, as my mother will be having surgery and I will be caring for her afterwards. Miss Hannah McGonnell will be taking my place for the day.

This Week’s Assessments

Wednesday: Kinds of Sentences & End marks (end punctuation) test
Friday: Spelling Quiz (List 3)

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday, Sept. 29 – Terry Fox Run Day
  • Thursday, Sept. 30 – National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (No School)
  • Friday, Oct. 1 – School Picture Day
  • Monday, Oct. 11 – Thanksgiving (No School)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

Mrs. Smylie