Week of Sept. 28 in Grade 1

We had a wonderful week last week. Our class filled our Super Student chart for the first time and we celebrated by having a bubble party at the end of the day on Friday. The bubble chasing and squeals of delight that ensued brought me such joy. This week we will have a math and language arts test and begin our weekly addition and subtraction quizzes. We have been working on everything we need to know for these tests in class, so students don’t need to study for these at home. We will also begin learning some special phonics sounds to help students read words that don’t always follow the basic “sounding it out” rules. Students will also come home with some printed books to help them recognize long vowel sounds in words with a silent “e” at the end.


This week students will have two penmanship sheets, one colour word worksheet, and will continue to work on Bible Verse #1. (Homework is tracked and included in your child’s marks, so please make sure they are completed and returned by Friday, or before.


Masks: Please make sure your child comes to school with a clean mask every day. A few students are showing up without frequently and this causes a disruption in class as we have to hunt one down in the school or they don’t get to participate in all class activities (ei. Singing learning songs).

Library: All library books need to be returned by Wednesday at the latest to ensure your child can take out new books.

Headphones: If you haven’t already, please bring in a labelled pair of headphones for your child to use when the class is using Chromebooks.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Bryenton