Hello Parents!

I would like to begin by thanking you for such a wonderful start to the school year!  We have been so blessed by the high level of cooperation we have received from you amidst our safe return to school.  So, thank you!

Meet the Teacher
This coming Monday, GCS will be hosting a Meet the Teacher time from 3:00-4:00pm.  This is a time for parents that are new to the school to meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) or for returning parents to meet any new teachers.  Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles until 3:00pm and then come into GCS through the main school doors; you will fill out a health questionnaire form and be directed to your child(ren)’s teacher’s location.  While in GCS, parents are required to wear a non-medical mask at all times.  In order for multiple parents to meet the various teachers, please ensure that your time with each teacher is kept to a minimum.  Below is the list of where teachers will be located during this time:


  • Kindergarten –  L. Perry & J. Squires– LS: 301
  • Grade 1 –  E. Bryenton– LS: 302
  • Grade 2 –  C. MacDougall– LS: 304
  • Grade 3 –  A. Smylie– LS: 306
  • Grade 4 –  M. Bouter – LS: 308
  • Grade 5 –  M. Wood– LS: 305
  • Grade 6 –  J. Olsen – LS: 307
  • Educational Support – J. Arthurs & T. Wainwright
  • Elementary Director – N. MacNeill

Jr./Sr. High School

  • J. de Boer– Rm: 101
  • K. Thorne– Rm: 102
  • J. Ellis – IT Administrator Office
  • R. Wood – Rm: 103
  • S. Huizing– ELL Director Office
  • F. McGonnell– Rm: 105
  • J. Wilting– Rm: 106 (Visual Arts)
  • N. Thompson – Rm: 203
  • A. Laird – Rm: 202
  • P. Thompson – Rm: 204
  • C. Allin – Rm: 205
  • M. Biech – Rm: Library
  • Head of School – Mr. Biech

Grade 3 will be using the ClassDojo app throughout the day to encourage positive participation in class.  Although there is a built-in messaging system, please use this app only for checking in on how your child has participated daily and for the occasional display of his or her work.  All communication to me should be sent via e-mail to asmylie@gcspei.ca.

Spelling Lists
Students who take part in the Language Arts in class (i.e. students who are NOT in ESL) will begin studying the first Spelling List and our first Spelling Test will take place on Friday, Sept.18th.  Please ensure that the words are being practiced at home regularly.  There is a list of a variety of activities you may wish to try out as alternative ways to practice Spelling words.

Wishing you all a perfectly pleasant weekend,
Mrs. Smylie

Dates to Remember
September 14: Meet the Teacher 3:00-4:00
October 12: Thanksgiving ~ NO SCHOOL