Good evening, Parents.

I hope you all had a great weekend!  As we head into our second full week of school, please take note of the following items.

Agenda and Blue Folder:

Your child’s agenda and blue homework folder should be brought to school everyday.  In the agenda (planner) you will find your child’s homework written on Monday (or the first day they are in school). Your child should complete their homework every night.  Please sign each night as your child completes their homework.  Grade two will write it each Monday and grade one will have a sheet stapled in each week to let you know what they are to complete.  Homework for grades one and two consists of reading out loud to an adult each night for 15 minutes, reviewing their spelling (starting October for grade one), and twice a week practicing their math facts.  Grade one has been reviewing addition facts up to the 5 addition family, and grade two should be reviewing addition facts up to the 10 addition family.

Blue folder: Please check this each night.  In it, you will find your child’s bible verse to practice, their reading log to fill in each night, as well as a reference sheet to help your child practice their addition facts.   Sheets in the left hand pocket should be left at home each day.  Sheets found in the “right back to school”  side should be completed and sent back to school to be corrected.


When packing your child’s lunch bag, please remember to add whatever utensils he or she will need as well.   With that being said, it is helpful to have a supply of plastic utensils and straws in our classroom.   If you are willing, please send in either a package of straws, forks, or spoons with your child this week to be shared with the class as needed.

Terry Fox Run

This Friday students will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  Students will learn about Terry Fox and participate in a run to remember his contribution to cancer research. Elementary students are encouraged to bring a donation to their teachers, or their parents can e-transfer to with “Terry Fox” in the subject line and their student’s name included in the message.

Dressing for the Weather

This past week began with summer temperatures and ended feeling very chilly indeed! Please be sure to check the weather forecast for the day and have your child dressed ready for the varying temperatures. Please keep in mind that morning recesses are often much chillier than in the afternoon.

This week’s assessments: 

Grade Two :

Friday – Spelling Test # 2

Important Dates:;

Friday, September 23rd – Terry Fox Run
Friday, September 30th – National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, October 6th – School Picture Day
Friday, October 7th – PD Day (NO SCHOOL)

Monday, October 10th – Thanksgiving (NO SCHOOL)

Enjoy your week!

Mrs. Barton