Dear GCS Grade 6 Family,

Thank you for your patience this week as we dealt with a weather-related cancellation.  

In Social Studies we continued along in our study of WW1 this week.  Students are tasked with writing a letter replying to Prime Minister Borden’s call to send able-bodied men to fight.  This fictional letter will help students process the emotional cost for Canada during WW1.

Grade 6 has many grades available on MySchoolManagement for their courses.  I would encourage you to log-in this weekend to see their current marks.

The Grade 6 assignments and assessments list for this week is as follows: 


Daily Math homework (checked on Thursdays)

Social Studies Letter to Col. Borden – Due Wednesday, September 30

LA: Study Spelling

French: Page 3 in MM2 for Thursday


Spelling Quiz 3 – Friday, October 2nd

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Olsen