We have had another great week in grade two. It has been a blessing to watch each student bring determination and joy for learning to our classroom. Throughout each lesson whether easy or challenging, this wonderful group of students has worked hard to complete the task at hand. We had our first spelling test this week, and every single student received an A+. Thank you for your diligence toward the completion of homework practice. I look forward to seeing how each student progresses through first quarter. Take note below of important information regarding our grade two class.

Book Walk

Tomorrow, we will have our class book walk. Students will take turns retelling main events from one of their favourite books and learning about each of their classmate’s favourite stories. Please assist them in picking out a book from home to bring to school. Their book should follow the natural progression of a story with an obvious main character (or characters), setting, problem, and solution. If you do not have a book that fits, I will have extras available.

This Week in Grade Two

Math – We will review counting nickels and dimes.

Language – We will explore non-fiction texts and will take our second spelling test on list #2.

Social Studies – We will learn about the industries in the cordillera region.

Tests this Week

Thursday – Math

Friday – Spelling list #2


Mrs. MacDougall