Greetings! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend. It has been wonderful to be able to celebrate the promise that God kept many years ago. He promised us a savior and He sent us Jesus who lived a life without sin yet died a sinner’s death on our behalf. Let’s remember this promise from Isaiah 41:10 as we continue to navigate these weeks of uncertainty, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Reminder: No activities will be posted this Friday as we observe a mental health day for teachers, students, and parents.

Physical Education Activity Logs

Daily exercise and getting outside every day is an important part of maintaining good health and well-being and should be a special part of your daily routine. We recommend and encourage students and families to be physically active for at  least 20-30 minutes every day. 

Throughout the week, students are to be recording what they do each day to stay physically active. At the end of the week a Seesaw activity will be posted for students to complete. The OLD expectation was that students were to have the log submitted by the end of the day on Monday. STARTING THIS WEEK, students will be expected to have the log filled out and submitted on Seesaw by the end of the day the activity is posted. 

Please contact Mr. Wood at if you have any questions.



Watch the video posted in the Math Pages – April 14th activity on Seesaw before completing the following pages.

Pg. 197 – cross out 3.e and 3.f and #4 and #5



Read Mine, Mine, Mine Said the Porcupine on (wcv4314) in the Assigned Reading collection. Make a character sketch of the Porcupine following the instructions below.

In the center of your page draw a picture of the porcupine.

On the left side write 4-6 personality traits of the porcupine (Examples of personality traits: funny, serious, generous, rude).

On the right side write a list of 4-6 physical traits of the porcupine (Examples of physical traits: long black hair, blue eyes, tall). 

Present your character sketch in a recorded video to the assignment titled Character Sketch


Complete the Nouns and Verbs Sort activity on Seesaw. Remember, a noun is a person, place, or thing. A verb is a word that shows action/ movement. 


As the weather warms up, Canada’s provinces prepare for awesome outdoor activities as tourists travel around Canada’s landmarks. 

Plan a 7 day vacation itinerary (a detailed plan for a journey) for a trip around Canada. You choose which provinces to go to. You can stay multiple days in one province. You must visit a minimum of 2 provinces. You cannot travel to more than 4 provinces because of time spent driving. Each day should include one activity to do in that Province. 

Take a look through the website below to help in your search of great Canadian attractions.

Present your vacation itinerary in the assignment titled Trip Around Canada on Seesaw.


 Mrs. Biech will be posting a link to listen in as we begin a new story.


Don’t forget to fill out your activity log.



Watch the video attached to the Math Pages – April 15th before completing the pages below.

Pg. 199 – cross out the parts of #2 that involve ft. and american coins. If you want to do the coins part of the question, the bigger silver coin is a nickel and the smaller silver coin is a dime. 

Pg. 200


Go on the assignment titled Read and Write with Author, Mo Williams. Watch the video of the story being read before writing your own adventure for Elephant and Piggy. 

The story link is attached to the assignment. If you are unable to find it you can click here:


Watch the video in the activity titled Language Pages-April 15th before completing pages 62 and 63 in Phonics and Language.


Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: God’s Story.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  A link for a song to enjoy will also be provided.


Don’t forget to fill out your activity log.



Pg. 201

Pg. 202 – skip the circle the temperature part of question #2

Complete the activity titled Matching Roman Numerals Part 2 on Seesaw.


Read It’s a Seashell Day on (wcv4314) in the Assigned Reading Collection.

Go on the activity titled It’s a Seashell Day on Seesaw and type out 7 pairs of rhyming words using the note option. A rhyming pair is two words that rhyme. They cannot be the same word. Example: third and bird. 


Go on the activity titled Subject and Predicate and underline the subject with blue and the predicate with red using the drawing tool. 

Complete page 65 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your work to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 16th


Don’t forget to fill out your activity log.


Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting


Mrs. MacDougall