Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend. I want to encourage you by letting you know this is our fifth week of online learning. You have completed countless assignments! You have risen to the challenge! What a blessing it has been to me as your teacher to watch you work so hard. I pray you continue rising to the challenge and showing your determination to succeed.  Take a moment to read through our activities for the week 🙂



Watch the video in the Seesaw assignment titled Math Pages – April 20th before completing the pages below. 

Pg. 203 

Pg. 204 – cross out #1 and #2 if you do not have a ruler. Cross out the inches question in #4


Complete the activity on Seesaw titled Repeated Reading – Airplane.


Using the following words from list 20: cities, author, bicycle, and eighteen, write about your year in grade two answering the following questions in four complete sentences. Add a picture of your sentences to the assignment titled, My Year in Grade 2

#1. What new things did you learn?

#2. What was challenging? 

#3. What did you do in class? 

#4. What did you do for fun outside of school?

***Make sure you are writing in complete sentences with end marks (?!.) and capital letters.

Also, complete page 68 and post a picture of your page to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 20th


This week I am challenging all elementary students to collect items from around your home to create your very own “chain reaction machines” or “marble runs”.  Do you have a sibling in another class? Why not make one project together! Check out Seesaw for more information.


Activity in Seesaw: Post a video of you reading the days of the week.

Do the page 20 drawing and coloring activity located in Seesaw and post it.


Fill out and post last week’s activity log if you haven’t already. 




Pg. 205 – Cross out the american coins part of #1. For the section where you draw the coins, draw 6 dimes and 4 nickels (Instead of the 10 pennies). You can do the other side without changing any coins. Cross out the inches part of #3.

Pg. 206 


Pick a book from home or from Our Grade Two Collection on www.getepic.com (Code: wcv4314) and answer the 5-finger-retell questions in the activity titled Five Finger Retell on Seesaw using the microphone tool. 

Be sure to pick a book that tells a story with a problem and a solution. 


Complete the activity titled Adjective and Adverb Sort on Seesaw. Reminder: an adjective describes a noun. Example: a hairy dog. Hairy is the adjective. An adverb describes the verb. Example: Jenna ran quickly. Quickly is the adverb.

Complete page 70 in Phonics and Language and post it to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 21st


Choose a Canadian province or territory from the list below and complete the Venn diagram in the assignment titled Growing Up in Canada on Seesaw. In the diagram you will write the differences of growing up in PEI and the province or territory you chose as well as similarities. 

Canadian provinces/ territories to choose from: Alberta, Nunavut, British Columbia, or Manitoba, Ontario. 


Stay tuned for a new story from Mrs. Biech



Watch the video on Seesaw before completing the assigned pages.

Pg. 207 

Pg. 208 


Watch the video attached to the activity titled Bees on Seesaw before you begin reading.

Then, go on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) and read through at least two of the bee books in the Writing Assignment – Bees collection. Write down facts as you go and which author they come from. 


Watch the video attached to the assignment titled All about Bees before completing a report on the books you read on www.getepic.com


Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Prayer.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  



Pg. 209 – cross out #5 and add your completed page to the assignment titled Math Pages – April 23rd.

Complete the activity on Seesaw titled  Add up the Coins and Add up the Coins #2 


Read to page 9 (black page numbers on the bottom corners of the book) from the book titled Race Day in the assigned reading collection on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) and answer the questions below in a video in the Seesaw assignment titled Race Day #1.

Question #1 Why didn’t Nana tell Charlie what her job was right away?

Question #2 Why did Charlie want his Nana’s job to be selling hamburgers?

Question #3 What did the man wearing red and yellow overalls say to Nana?


Use the following spelling words to write a letter to someone of your choosing: explosion, pastor, mystery, vision, cure, and decision. Follow the structure below on how to begin and end your letter:

Dear (who you are writing your letter to),

Write 6 complete sentences using your spelling words to tell about what you have been doing over the past few weeks and for asking questions to the person you are writing your letter to.  You can write about real things that happened or fictional (fake) events.

Sincerely, (your name)

Complete page 73 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your page to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 23rd.


Be on the lookout for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting.



Pg. 210

Pg. 211 – Cross out #2 if you do not have a ruler at home


Start at page 9 in Race Day in the Assigned Reading collection and finish the book. Record yourself answering the following questions in the assignment titled Race Day #2.

#1. How did Nana become a driver?

#2. What did Nan do at the starting line before the race began?

#3. What did Nan do when the race began that probably helped her win?

#4. Why couldn’t the crowd see which car was in front?

#5. What does Charlie want to be when he grows up?


Write an acrostic poem using the word SPRING. Each line must have 4-6 words. Watch the video attached to the assignment titled Acrostic Poem on Seesaw to be reminded of how to write this type of poem. 

Complete page 74 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your work to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 24th.


Look for an Art Activity with Mrs. Arthurs


Fill out and submit your weekly activity log.

All for now,

Mrs. MacDougall