Greetings! Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and have enjoyed some of our warm-ish weather. It has been such a blessing to see all of my students hard work. Thank you for all of the time you have spent guiding their learning.  I look forward to seeing what we are able to do as we get the hang of all of the tools on Seesaw. Take note below of our weekly activities and please email me if you have any questions at

Good Friday and Easter Monday

Please note that their will be no activities assigned this Friday, April 10th or next Monday, April 13th as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and remember his sacrifice on the cross for our sins.

Thankful Thursday

On “Thankful Thursdays” staff and students will have the opportunity to send in videos of things they are thankful for during this time of social distancing and online education. This week is our week to share what we are thankful for! If you would like to participate and be featured on GCS Social Media, please send in a short 15-30 sec video to Miss Arthurs at by Wednesday saying and showing what you are thankful for.



Pg. 189 – Watch the video attached to the assignment titled Math Pages – April 6th before completing your pages. 

Pg. 190 

In the activity titled Multiply by 10, record yourself reading out all the multiplication problems in #6 on page 189.


Go on the Assigned Reading collection on (wcv4314) Read the book called Beagle Puppies. 

Answer the following questions in a video in the assignment titled Beagle Puppies on Seesaw.

#1. What does a beagle have to look like to win best in show at the dog show?

#2. Why should the owner of the beagle keep him on a lease?

#3. How can the beagle use his ability to detect smells to help others?

#4. Why does the mom say that the puppy has an instinct to hunt?


Make a silly sentence for each of the following spelling words: motion, repair, inquire, wars, and captain. Don’t forget to make them complete sentences (Use capital letters and punctuation . ? ! ) The sillier the sentence the better. 

Complete page 31 in Phonics and Language and post it to the assignment titled Language Pages-April 6th.

SCIENCE:  Students will be making “Matter Models” with materials found around their home. 

French: Complete and submit the color pages in the French activity in Seesaw. Video yourself singing and doing the actions “Mon Dieu est si Grand”. 

Physical Education: Fill in and submit your weekly activity log. 



Pg. 191 – Cross out the pennies part of #2 and cross out #4.

Pg. 192 – If you have a ruler at home, complete the whole page. If you do not have a ruler complete #3 only. 


Read A Hippo in our Yard from the assigned reading collection on (wcv4314)

Draw what happens in the story from beginning to end using 7 coloured pages. Record a video showing the pictures from start to finish in the assignment title Picture Story.


Make 4 sentences with one spelling word in each sentence telling about yourself. Don’t forget to make them complete sentences (Use capital letters and punctuation . ? ! ) The more interesting  the better.

Spelling words to use: useful, nervous, little, future.

Complete page 32 in Phonics and Language and post pictures of your completed page to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 7th


  In 1964, with the 100th year of Confederation in the near future, Prime Minister Pearson wanted Canada to create and adopt its own distinct flag. Click on the link below to look at many ideas for the flag that were not chosen.

Take a look at all the flags:

Design your own flag for Canada by using different symbols of Canada. You may use different landmarks, animals, popular trees, and land forms. 

Go on the assignment titled, My Canadian Flag and post a video presenting your flag and explain why it would be a good fit for Canada. 

LIBRARY: Mrs. Biech will be posting a link to listen in as we continue reading The Littles Go to School.



Watch the video attached to the assignment titled Math Pages – April 8th before completing the pages below.

Pg. 193 – Complete the whole page if you have a ruler. If you do not have a ruler, skip #5. 

Pg. 194 – If you have a ruler, complete the whole page. If you do not have a ruler, cross out #3. 

In the activity titled 17 Subtraction Family, record yourself reading all of the problems listed in #1 on page 194.


Read the book titled Strictly No Crocs on (wcv4314) in the Assigned Reading collection. Go onto the assignment titled Strictly No Crocs on Seesaw and answer the questions below in a video or audio recording.

Question #1  What was the crocs plan to help them get into the party?

Question #2  What did the crocs do at the party?

Question #3  Why did the crocs forget to eat everyone up?


Write a how-to instruction manual for a fun activity you like to do or how to use a toy from home. Your instructions should be written following the structure below:





Record a video on Seesaw reading your instructions with your toy being used or activity being completed as you record. Add it to the activity titled How-to. 

Complete page 34 in Phonics and Language and post your completed pages to the assignment titled Languages Pages – April 8th. 

BIBLE: Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Easter.  Students will then respond with a note, letting me know something they learned, or tell me about their favorite part.  Students may color a picture, about something in the video, if they would rather. Please find this assignment in the activity tab.



Pg. 195 – If you have a ruler, complete the whole page. If you do not have a ruler, cross out #2.

Pg. 196 


For reading today, we will be doing a listening activity. Click on the assignment titled Easter Story on Seesaw, listen to the story, and answer the questions below.

Question #1 Which two men took Jesus to his tomb?

Question #2 Who guarded the tomb of Jesus and why?

Question #3 Who went to the tomb to pay their respects?

Question #4 Where did Jesus want his disciples to meet him? 


Go on the assignment titled Family Interview – All about Language, and post a video of you interviewing a family member asking them the following questions.

Interview Question #1 How do you use writing at work or school?

Interview Question #2 What are the most important things we can use writing for?

Interview Question #3 Do you use writing for a hobby? If yes, how? 

Also, complete page 37 in Phonics and Language and add it to the assignment titled Language Pages – April 9th.

GYM: Don’t forget to fill out your activity log.


Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting


Mrs. MacDougall