Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all of your hard work in facilitating and cheering on your children as they navigate this season of learning. Your hard work has been a huge factor in your child’s success. I hope you were able to spend the weekend relaxing with your family. Once again, thank you for all you do!

* There will be no school Friday as we observe a mental health day for students, parents, and teachers.



Watch the video in the seesaw activity titled Math Pages – May 11th before completing the assigned pages.

Pg. 229 – cross out the yard and foot question in #1

Pg. 230 – Hint: To find the answer for #5 you need to multiply


Read pages 3-11 in the book titled Slow Down, Sara! on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) in the Assigned Reading collection and answer the questions below in the video on Seesaw in the activity titled Slow Down, Sara! #1.

Question #1: What are three things Sara did fast?

Question #2: How did doing things fast at lunchtime become a problem for Sara?

Question #3: Why didn’t Sara laugh at Ben’s joke about dust looking good on him?


Using the following words from list 21 and 22, describe a made up town in 6 COMPLETE sentences: giraffe, skyline, mountain, discover, curb, direction. Type your sentences into the note tool in the activity titled Brand New Town

Complete page 96 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your page to the activity titled Language Pages – May 11th.


Students will investigate the surface tension of water and conduct an experiment to determine which solution creates the best bubbles!  


Students will post a video of them reading the story of Noah and complete an activity page about colours. 


Remember to be participating in at least 20 minutes of physical activity every day. You’ll be logging this at the end of the week. If you haven’t submitted last week’s activity log, go back and do that today. 



To complete #1 and #2 on page 232, listen to the Teacher Says activity on Seesaw.

Pg. 231

Pg. 232

Post a picture of your pages to the activity titled Math Pages – May 12th.


Read pages 12-20 in Slow Down, Sara! on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) in the Assigned Reading collection and answer the questions below in a video on Seesaw in the activity titled Slow Down, Sara! #2

Question #1: What did Sara figure out after she crashed her first racer?

Question #2: Why didn’t Jake believe that Ben won against Sara in a race?

Question #3: What was the difference between Sara and Jake’s arm positions in their race at the pool?


Before you complete the interjection quiz on Seesaw, watch the review video in the assignment titled Interjection Quiz.

Complete page 98 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your page to the activity titled Language Pages – May 12th.


For our study of the Atlantic Region, choose one of the provinces below, and present a weather report for a typical year in that province. Include weather in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Draw a picture of the weather for each season to use as a visual aid in your presentation.

Provinces: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick.

Here are a few websites to help you!

PEI Weather: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/communities-land-and-environment/island-climate-and-weather

Nova Scotia: https://www.novascotia.com/travel-info/weather

Newfoundland and Labrador: https://www.heritage.nf.ca/articles/environment/climate.php

New Brunswick: https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/province/nbzweather.htm


Stay tuned for a story from Mrs. Biech. 



Complete the Multiply by 1 quiz on kahoot by using this code :03760362 

**You may only complete the quiz once. 

Pg. 233

Post a picture of page 233 to the activity titled Math Pages – May 13th.


Read pages 21-30 in Slow Down, Sara! Answer the questions in a video in the assignment titled Slow Down, Sara! #3 on Seesaw.

Question #1: What thought came to mind at the pool that helped Ben figure out that he wasn’t actually winning against Sara?

Question #2: Which three cars moved out into the lead at the beginning of the race?

Question #3: How did slowing down in the middle of the race help Sara?

Question #4: What is the only reason why Sara would decide to slow down?


Look at the picture in the activity titled Caption This on Seesaw and write an imperative, declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentence to go with the picture. Use the microphone to record yourself reading your sentences.

Complete page 99 in Phonics and Language (Cross out the dictation) and post a picture of your work to the assignment titled Language Pages – May 13th.


Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Peter.  Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  




Watch the video on Seesaw in the activity titled Math Pages – May 14th before completing your pages

Pg. 234

Pg. 235


Choose one of your favourite characters from a book from home or www.getepic.com and create a character sketch. Draw a picture of your character in the middle, write down 5 physical traits on the left (eye colour, fuzzy, tall, short, hair colour), and write down 5 personality traits on the right (funny, silly, brave, grumpy). In the seesaw activity titled, My Favourite Character, record yourself presenting your character sketch.


Present something that is important to you (toy, picture, person, etc.) using the 5 sentence paragraph structure that we used for our favourite season. **Open the activity titled Very Important to review how to write a paragraph before you begin.** Write it on paper using a pencil for your penmanship quiz this week.

For our penmanship quiz this week, take a picture of your paragraph from the assignment titled Very Important and add it to the activity titled Penmanship Quiz #3.


Stay tuned for Music Minute with Mrs. Wilting


Activity logs are due today. Check your Seesaw Activities.



Mrs. MacDougall