Happy Victoria Day! I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend soaking up the sunshine. Just a one thing to keep in mind this week as we continue to assess student learning, I will be using the kahoot quiz as a math assessment. Please ensure that your child uses their own name for their username before they begin the quiz. If not, I have no way of giving them a grade. Thank you for all of your hard work. I have been so blessed and encouraged by the hard work of all of your children. As usual, please email me if you have any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful week!



Complete page 236 – You do not need to do the colouring part of the activity.

Complete page 237 – Cross out #4

Post a picture of your pages to the assignment titled Math Pages-May 19th.


Read pages 3-11 from The Creeping Tide in the assigned reading collection on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) and answer the following questions in a video in the activity on Seesaw titled The Creeping Tide #1.

Question #1: What three things did Jack do in July?

Question #2:Why didn’t Kate want to take Jack to the beach?

Question #3: Instead of asking Kate questions, what did Jack do?


Using the list 23 spelling words below, type 5 complete sentences about a perfect summer day.

Spelling words: read, field, journey, valley, mighty.

Go to the Seesaw activity titled A Summer Day and use the note tool to type out your complete sentences.

Complete page 103 in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your page to Language Pages – May 19th


Choose one of the land descriptions of the Atlantic region provinces, and draw a landscape for that province. 

PEI:  The island’s landscape is full of rolling hills, pristine forests, white sand beaches, ocean coves and the famous red soil. This has given Prince Edward Island a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty.

Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia has a great variety of coastal landforms.Most of the land in Nova Scotia is bedrock. Nova Scotia has numerous hills, several low mountain ranges, lush river valleys, lakes and forests, and a varied sea coast ranging from extremely rugged to broad sandy beaches.

New Brunswick: New Brunswick lies entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range, a chain of mountains which have created river valleys and low, gently rolling hills throughout large parts of the province.

Newfoundland and Labrador: The province includes over seven thousand small islands. Newfoundland and Labrador has dramatic coastlines, sweeping barrens, and thick boreal forests.

Post a picture of your artwork to the activity titled Atlantic Region Landscape.


Stay tuned for a story from Mrs. Biech.



Complete page 238 – Cross out #4. Post a picture of your page to the activity titled Math Pages – May 20th.

Complete the Seesaw activity titled Adding Up Bills and Coins.


Read pages 12-21 in The Creeping Tide in the Assigned Reading collection on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) and answer the questions below in a video for the Seesaw activity titled The Creeping Tide #2

Question #1: What will happen after 11:40 a.m.?

Question #2: Why didn’t Jack ask if he could go clam-digging with Gwen?

Question #3:Why did Jack get thirsty for another smoothie?


Before completing the Listing Commas activity on Seesaw, watch the video for a quick reminder of what to do.

Complete page 104  in Phonics and Language and post a picture of your work to the activity titled Language Pages – May 20th.


Students will watch a short video called, God’s Story: Daniel. Please find this assignment in the activity tab, along with instructions of how to respond.  



*You MUST use your real name for the kahoot quiz. Also, only complete the quiz once. I will use your first score for your math quiz grade this week.* 

Multiply by zero Kahoot quiz. www.kahoot.it Code:06878707

Pg. 239 – watch the video about halving numbers before you complete this page.

Post a picture of your page to the activity titled Math Pages – May 21st.


Read pages 22-31 in The Creeping Tide in the Assigned Reading collection on www.getepic.com (wcv4314) and answer the questions below in a video on Seesaw for the activity titled The Creeping Tide #3.

Question #1:How did Jack figure out that the water was moving away from the beach?

Question #2: What really happened to all of Jack and Kate’s things?

Question #3: How did Jack find Kate’s retainer?


Choose one of the topics below to write instructions for. Pretend that you are writing instructions for someone who has never done it before. Make sure to write neatly. This will be your penmanship quiz for the week.

Topic choices: brushing your teeth, getting ready for the school day at your hook, making a sand castle, or making a sandwich.

Write your instructions by following the structure: First, Next, Then, Finally.

After you have finished, record yourself reading your instructions in the activity titled This is How You…. Also, take a picture of your writing and post it to the assignment titled Penmanship Quiz #4.



Stay tuned for a music activity from Mrs. Wilting. 




Watch the video in the activity before completing the following pages.

Pg. 240 – you do not have to circle the temperatures in #3

Go into the Teacher says #2 activity to complete #4 on page 240. 

Pg. 241 


Complete the repeated reading activity titled Repeated Reading – Kindness.

In the activity titled Poem Purpose, watch the video that explains the word purpose and then record yourself explaining the purpose of the Kindness poem.


Complete page 106 and 107 and post pictures of your pages to the activity titled Language Pages – May 22nd.


Stay tuned for an art activity from Mrs. Arthurs.


Fill out and submit your weekly activity log. 


Mrs. MacDougall