Hello all! I wanted to give you a heads-up about Winter Carnival. As a lead-up to March Break, we will be having school-wide dress-up days all next week! Participation is optional, but students who take part will be awarded with some prizes from Student Council.

Monday, March 19th – Pajama Day – Roll out of bed and come to school! Okay, not really. But yes, wear your comfiest clothes and even your slippers!

Tuesday, March 20th – Mathlete vs. Athlete – Are you more of a nerd or a jock? Choose your side and dress the part!

Wednesday, March 21st – Hawaiian Day – Aloha! Flowered shirts and grass skirts!

Thursday, March 22nd – Favorite Things Day – Favorite team, favorite profession, favorite clothes… it’s your pick! Dress in your favorites!

Friday, March 23 – Skiing at Brookvale for Grade 3-12