Hello all! We have had a great couple of days coming back from March Break! Please take note of the following announcements:

CATs – No, Not the Fuzzy Kind!

This week, we will be covering lots in class in preparation for The Canadian Achievement Tests which the entire school will be writing next week. Modeled to fit Canadian curricula, the CAT is a testing system that assesses the essential learning outcomes of the following basic skill areas: reading, language, spelling, and mathematics. Essentially, as well as being a tracker of learning abilities, the CAT also evaluates how well students perform in comparison to other students across the district, region, or in Canada as a whole. Don’t stress, students; it’s not scary! This test helps us as educators to know what we need to teach and gives us benchmarks for student success.

Please be aware that students may be asked to complete some specific Mathletics activities for homework in preparation for the CATs. If this is not possible due to technology requirements, please let me know.

Reading Responses

As I will be applying grades to students’ reading responses this week, I encourage all students to do their best as we finish the stories about Hilda. I have asked students to go back and make corrections in their responses where I noticed there were some problems. Grade four students are asked to please respond in complete sentences.

Important Dates

April 10 – Lacrosse Day
April 19 – Parent Teacher Conferences (pm)
April 20 – Parent Teacher Conferences (No Class)
April 27 –  A Knight to Remember Celebration
May 4 – Professional Development Day
May 5 – Family Fun Run

Upcoming Assessments

Grade 3

  • Wednesday – March Break Writing Due
  • Thursday – Math Test 22, Penmanship Test 6
  • Friday – Spelling Test 22

Grade 4

  • Tuesday – Language Quiz 18
  • Wednesday – March Break Writing Due
  • Thursday – Math Test 11 Penmanship Test 6
  • Friday – Spelling Test 22