Hello Amazing Families of GCS Kindergarten,

We have just completed 2 weeks of learning at home.

Thank you for your feed back to this new routine.

Your honest feed back has provided us with enough information of how we can change the amount and skill set for your family.

I also recognize the challenge it takes to teach your child how to use the device alone.  That is a feet in itself!  I know it!

For example, I understand that any “printing” or letter making using fingers is very challenging.  I will not be assigning any printing activities from now on. Hopefully you can use the typing keys to accomplish the same end to the activity.

So, beginning tomorrow I will be cutting back the activities sent to your child’s folder.

Also, I will be adjusting your account so that your child will only see their own grade’s work instead of both Jk. and Sk. together.

I hope you are all breathing a sigh of relief as you read this.

Again, thank you for your feed back, we all want this home learning to be the best experience for the whole family.

So, what you will be seeing for tomorrow is:

-Video Lesson Review and Movement Song

-Phonics Activities

-Math Activities

*Enrichment Learning for Sr. (Scholastic Spring Investigation)

   *This is to be completed only if parents want something else to share with their child.

The goal is to have your child participate in 30 to 40 minutes of learning with these activities.

If your child is working on the activities for more than an hour, please stop.  We don’t want tears from the children or the parents.

What’s important now?

Have a good day with your families.

They are the most important.

Try and get some fresh air.

For our many families on the front lines, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

See you tomorrow via Seesaw.


Mrs. Laura Perry